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Optimized Combustion Is Smart Business.

We design and deliver practical products, services and expertise to high temperature process industries to:

  • Reduce Energy Use
  • Improve Production
  • Lessen Emissions
  • Ensure Safety and Compliance

Find out more about Firebridge's Energy Saving Solutions

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Engineered Solutions


The demands of aging infrastructure and benefits of emerging technologies means we often design and build process combustion solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

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Audits & Studies


The first step towards optimizing plant output and reducing emissions and fuel consumption is to conduct an audit or study.

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Procurement & Commissioning


Our procurement expertise allows us to control costs by buying parts and equipment where appropriate.

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Is Your Plant Burning Up Profits?

Optimizing Furnace Performance whitepaper

Any business that relies on industrial furnaces in its production processes has an obvious imperative to ensure these furnaces ere operating as efficiently as possible.

Whether the process is smelting, melting, baking, drying, curing, heat treating, or cogeneration - significant savings and risk reduction can be achieved by improving the performance of the furnace being used.


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Reduce energy consumption. Decrease operating costs. Improve long term sustainability.

We focus on achieving uniform heat transfer to optimize the efficiency of our clients’ industrial combustion systems and associated processes. After evaluating the condition of a furnace or other large industrial combustion system, we provide engineered solutions to improve performance and take advantage of savings opportunities.