Audits & Studies

Energy Audits

Firebridge has over 30 years of experience in the energy management field. Over the last several years we have experienced a steadily growing interest in site energy auditing within the industrial sector. Firebridge has the capability to evaluate your facilities’ energy consumption and offer realistic solutions to improve your energy footprint.

For each energy project, the structure of our reports include the following:

  • current energy baseline (to track future improvements)
  • energy saving methodology
  • detailed descriptions of energy issue and priced solutions that will correct the problem
  • possible greenhouse gas emissions reductions (both direct and indirect)
  • simple ROI calculations, summaries, and recommendations to assist upper management with the decision making process

Our audits are recognized by your utility provider and we work closely with them to obtain partial funding for the energy evaluation. We are not just another company offering you yet another piece of paper to put on file. We have the resources to implement the projects identified in the report, and it is our goal to assist you with successful implementation of these projects. We believe we can help you significantly reduce your operating costs. Contact our office for further information; our representatives would be pleased to evaluate your facility.

Safety Audits

Firebridge is committed to helping you achieve world-class standards in health and safety for all of your employees. We have the expertise to evaluate your facilities’ combustion safety systems, and we can provide monthly, quarterly or yearly inspection services of your equipment.

The importance of combustion safety in industrial ovens and furnaces cannot be overstated. Often the focus of maintenance becomes purely a function of equipment reliability, and safety gets overlooked. Firebridge can develop and implement safety inspection and reporting programs that are designed to reduce your insurance costs and ensure safe operations, while maintaining compliance with national standards.

Protect your employees and your assets today by having a Firebridge expert come in to evaluate your facility. Contact our office for further information.

Complete Energy Saving Service Portfolio

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