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Manufactured Equipment & Commissioning

Manufactured Equipment

Our process combustion experts will help you discover savings through reducing your energy consumption, decreasing your operating costs, and improving your long term sustainability. We have taken on a number of projects requiring us to manufacture custom equipment to help our customer reach their goals.

Some of Firebridge’s past manufactured projects include:

  • Design of 3.5 ton/day biomass pyrolysis unit
  • Design, build and commissioning of two mirrored, abrasive steel shot hardening furnaces resulting in the corporate benchmark for efficiency and product quality
  • Upgraded Cupola heating system with heat recovery
  • Burn Off system for hazardous fumes in low oxygen environment
  • Modified After burner system to reduce energy and increase reliability
  • Designed and built multi zone combination dryer and paint curing oven
  • Designed 4 stage continuous washer line
  • Designed and implemented microprocessor based BMS (Burner Management System) for Reheat Furnace
  • Redesigned Quench Furnace system to reduce energy costs
  • Certified Oxy-gas cutting torch system
  • Developed oxy-gas burner system for under water firing to generate steam for oil wells
  • Designed furnace system to reduce energy costs on continuous heat treating furnace
  • Certified PLC based BMS for two Reheat Furnaces
  • Certified PLC based BMS for Coke Oven Flare System
  • Converted two large Paint Curing Hangers to direct firing from indirect reducing energy costs
  • Numerous modifications to aluminum reverb, casting line, holding furnaces. Reduced energy
  • Used Exhaust gases from High Heat Furnace (Hardening) to heat the draw (tempering)
  • Designed and built incinerator and air heater. The exhaust gases from the incinerator were used to provide additional drying of product with hot gases from the air heater


Commissioning of new or retrofit equipment is often misunderstood and poorly managed. A project start-up will only begin after the commissioning phase of the project has been completed and signed off by the client and Firebridge design engineers. Firebridge takes the time and care required to protect commissioning personnel and plant operators while ensuring existing infrastructure and new equipment are started up safely.

It is Firebridge’s mandate to verify that all equipment and systems are designed, installed, tested, and fully operational in accordance with the owner’s design intent. Commissioning covers all planning, documentation, equipment balancing, calibration and control, performance qualification, and other procedures leading up to start-up and turnover.

A Firebridge commissioning program will:

  • Ensure personnel and equipment safety
  • Accelerate project startup
  • Produce superior documentation
  • Improve online time
  • Create a positive commercial impact
  • Provide a detailed startup report
  • Generate a baseline to maintain equipment properly

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