About Us

Firebridge provides turnkey industrial-combustion engineering solutions and products that improve energy efficiency, productivity, long-term sustainability, and safety. Our expertise covers a wide range of operations and process industries, including:

  • Mining & Metals (Aluminum, Iron Making, Steel, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Zinc, and Mining)
  • Hydrocarbons & Chemicals (Oil & Gas, Refining & Upgrading, CPI), and,
  • Other Industries (Automotive, Food & Beverages, Glass and Metal Fabrication, Petrochemical, Heat Treating)

We also help clients navigate utility and government incentive programs to partially fund projects directed at energy conservation and greenhouse gas reductions.

We are Process Combustion Experts

Providing in-depth engineering for over 35 years

Firebridge offers in-depth engineering expertise in the field of process combustion. Our expertise involves large combustion appliances, but we also are often quite familiar with our clients’ complete processes and can offer solutions that improve throughput and productivity

We design and deliver practical products, services and expertise to high temperature process industries to:

  • Reduce Energy Use
  • Improve Production
  • Lessen Emissions
  • Ensure Safety and Compliance

Meet Our Team

Key Personnel

Russ Chapman P.Eng

Russ has over 35 years experience in the process combustion field with extensive experience involving many processes that are combustion intensive.

He has been involved in all facets of burner and furnace/oven design including working experience with a number of the major original equipment manufacturers prior to joining Firebridge in 1994. His credits include turnkey design responsibility for a greenfield Energy from Waste Plant, experience with numerous alternative fuels and a number of years acting in an advisory capacity in the development and interpretation of new safety codes and requirements for large industrial combustion systems.

Russ has a Chemical Engineering education from the University of Waterloo and is a member of the PEO.

Larry Song P. Eng

Larry has over 17 years of engineering experience, including 10 years designing, testing, installing and commissioning diesel powered generator sets during his engineering work experience in China.

Larry is knowledgeable in the design of combustion systems and associated controls including panel design, sequencing and testing. He works on many of our TSSA approvals to ensure our clients safety and reliability needs are met and approved with both new and retrofit equipment.

Larry has a Mechanical Engineering education from Dalian University of Technology (China), an Honours Bachelor of Computer Science from McMaster University and is Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario as well as being a licenced Gas Fitter.

Peter Hecimovic P. Eng

With over 20 years experience, Peter is a recognized expert in industrial combustion, emission prevention/control, process engineering, cogeneration and energy management.

Extremely knowledgeable of the processes and equipment in place at most Canadian steel plants, Hugh has held key Industrial Process and Energy roles, including consulting on energy and environment matters through Sprague Development Inc. to the Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA), Natural Resources Canada and Dofasco. He is at the forefront of discussions about energy and emissions in Canada, including climate change, smog, and emissions trade policies and regulations.

Hugh has a Mechanical Engineering education from McMaster University and is a member of the PEO.

Daniel Matzeg P.Eng

Daniel has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and industrial processes.  He is knowledgeable of leading large projects through previous experience as Senior Project Manager with ArcelorMittal Dofasco for five years.

As a co-founder of the tech start-up Enaeria, Daniel has honed his business development skills.  He spent 3 years growing this business before eventual sale of company.

Daniel completed a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, holds a Masters Degree in Engineering and Business from McMaster University, and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario.

Wilson Huang

Wilson has over 12 years of PLC experience in Canada.

We proudly service clients in Canada, USA, Europe, and Latin America. Contact us today.