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The Power of Data

Russ Chapman is the president of Firebridge Inc.  In this video he explains the importance of data collection and how Firebridge uses this data to assess combustion processes.  Enjoy!

When we’re asked to assess the efficiency of an industrial furnace, the first step we take is to develop a baseline of how the furnace is performing now. We meter the energy usage and measure throughput for that particular furnace, so we can determine with hard data where you’re starting from.

Then we take that data and benchmark it against your peers and best-in-class performers. This allows you to see exactly how much money you could save by improving furnace efficiency. Having the data is the key. Even if there’s visible evidence of energy being wasted, no one is likely to allocate money to address the waste until they see actual numbers about how much the company can save by investing in furnace improvements.

They also need to know the cost of the improvements. Using our extensive experience with industrial combustion processes, we quantify what it will take to reach your goals, making expert engineering recommendations for how to lower that cost.

Any effort toward furnace improvements will come to a grinding halt without data to make a business case for the improvements, and that data is what we deliver when we assess combustion processes.