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Firebridge is an innovator and pioneer in the world of Process Combustion Technology.   Traditional flame combustion burners have been the industry ‘norm’ for decades.  These burners are tried and true, but come with some inefficiencies and drawbacks such as high peak temperature concentrations and potentially high GHG emissions. 

Given the current emphasis on climate change and environmental impacts, a great place for improvement is process combustion technology.  A new type of combustion burner has been developed that produces uniform heat and near-ZERO NOx emissions.  This is game changing for saving energy, increasing process quality, while reducing environmental impacts.  Firebridge has coined the term “Regenerative Cloud Combustion” for this new technology due to the physical nature of how the combustion reaction occurs.

Firebridge is taking our industry One Step Ahead with the implementation of Regenerative Cloud Combustion technology.  We invite you to watch the presentation below to learn more about Regenerative Cloud Combustion.

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