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Saving Energy and Reducing Emissions

Russ Chapman is the president of Firebridge Inc.  In this video he explains the how reducing emissions can actually save you money.  Enjoy!

Are You Ready to Change?

You can’t ignore the change coming. Environmental regulations are already having a significant impact on industrial combustion processes, and this impact will almost certainly grow in coming years. It is inevitable that emissions standards are only going to tighten.

The largest companies are preparing for this change, but many smaller companies aren’t ready. They understand change is coming, but they don’t realize how fast, and they’re not sure what to do about it.

Eventually, as technology and alternative energy sources continue to develop, the time may come to switch to non-fossil fuels for industrial combustion. But in the meantime, it’s best to move ahead with compliance strategies now—before the regulatory and social pressure to lower greenhouse gas emissions intensifies.

The steps you can take all revolve around improving your energy efficiency. That’s because, generally speaking, the more efficient your combustion process is, the less greenhouse gases will be emitted.

What that means is that this really isn’t an onerous situation when you think about it. Improving energy efficiency saves you money, so it’s something you should be doing anyway—with an eye toward emission compliance but also reducing your energy costs.