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The Power of Data

Russ Chapman is the president of Firebridge Inc.  In this video he explains the importance of data collection and how Firebridge uses this data to overcome the barriers to starting combustion projects.  Enjoy!

Driven By Data.

What’s the biggest barrier to improving industrial combustion processes? That’s easy. The people holding the purse strings won’t provide the money.

Often, that’s because improvements may take several years to pay back, while senior management is more focused on shorter timeframes. The emphasis is often placed upon immediate performance results  – if they spend less of the company’s money now, these results will be better. Plus, they don’t even know if they’ll be in the same job a couple of years from now. For these reasons, they often aren’t motivated to be forward-thinking about furnace improvements.

If you’re advocating for improvements, you may very well have run into this barrier. So how do you overcome it? One word: DATA.

You can’t argue with facts, so the best way to get combustion improvement projects moving is to show with numbers how much doing nothing is costing the company.

Many times, furnace performance has never been properly measured, so simply taking this step can open a lot of eyes. When senior management sees a comparison of how the furnace is performing relative to how it should be performing—expressed in dollar amounts—they’ll realize furnace inefficiency is very much a current problem as well as a long-term issue.